Battery Cable Assembly

At PMCI, we are a world-class provider of wire harness and cable assemblies. With the best equipment, a highly trained workforce, and excellent customer service, we deliver high-quality solutions for industries such as medical, defense, heavy equipment, and many more. Our associates are constantly training and growing their expertise, with certifications in J-STD-001 soldering and IPC-WHMA-A-620 cable assembly standards. We also maintain an ISO 9001:2008 certification to ensure optimal quality.

As part of our manufacturing capabilities, PMCI offers high-quality battery cable assemblies. These components are vital to any battery-operated electrical system. Here, we will provide an overview of battery cable assemblies as well as their manufacturing process and common applications.

What Are Battery Cable Assemblies?

Battery cable assemblies are a series of cables that vary in lengths to suit numerous applications. Sometimes called a battery cable harness, the assembly connects one or more batteries to an electrical system. The assembly is essential to starting and powering solar power systems, boats, trucks, cars, and various other equipment. Each cable has two terminated ends. One terminal connects to the battery, and one to the electrical system.

How Are They Made?

Making a battery cable assembly begins with selecting the correct cable. Our team will identify the ideal cable based on the specifications and requirements for the application or industry. The cables are then cut to the necessary length, which typically ranges between 12’’ and 48’’. Once cut to the appropriate length, the ends are stripped to make room for the lug or terminal.

Based on the client’s specifications, we select a lug or terminal to fasten to the end of the cable. Our team uses the leading crimping techniques to ensure the terminal is well fastened. The final assembly step is to apply a heat shrink seal with an internal epoxy coating. The seal keeps the cable assembly air and watertight. It increases the lifespan and durability of the battery cables, allowing the assembly to withstand harsh conditions in various applications.


Applications that rely on battery cable assemblies are generally exposed to harsh conditions, including moisture, corrosion, heat, and vibrations. Because of this, battery cable assemblies are typically composed of quality, thick wires that are capable of withstanding extreme conditions.

The following applications rely on battery cable assemblies:

  • Electrical Systems. Battery-powered electrical systems rely on ground and positive battery cables to receive power from the battery. There is a range of electrical systems that depend on batteries for power in various environments.
  • Automotive. Starters in automobiles rely on a battery to deliver energy through a positive cable. The negative cable connects to the automobile’s chassis or engine block as a ground. The battery cables and terminals are custom-made to fit the automobile and handle a variety of road conditions.
  • Solar Banks. Solar banks require battery cables to deliver energy from the solar panel to the battery.
  • Boosters for Batteries. Booster battery cable assemblies carry battery energy throughout a vehicle. They are also used for jumpstarting a vehicle by transferring power from one battery to another.
  • Industrial Equipment. Various industrial facilities rely on battery-powered equipment. There is a range of cable assembly terminals to deliver energy to lifts, machinery, and other equipment.
  • Vehicles. Boats, golf carts, and a wide range of other vehicles rely on one or more batteries to start and energize various components.

Battery Cable Assemblies From PMCI

Various electrical systems rely on battery cable assemblies to deliver reliable power in extreme conditions. At PMCI, we have over 50 years of experience serving various industries with high-quality cable assemblies and wire harnesses. From design and prototyping to final production, we deliver solutions that suit the requirements and specifications of your application. Contact us to learn more about our battery cable assembly capabilities, or request a quote today.

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