Fabrication and Kitting of a Wire Harness Assembly for the Public Transportation Industry


Precision Mfg. Co., Inc. was approached by a customer that had very unique and specific requirements that were not being met by their current manufacturer. This customer worked in the public transportation sector providing material to retro-fit public buses and trains. Timing was critical as the buses were brought out of use at odd hours and for a very limited time. The customer’s problem was that 1) they were needing quick turns that were not being met, 2) they were consistently being shorted certain parts on each order and 3) there were continuous quality errors. The result was that buses were being pulled to be retro-fitted but it failed to happen.


PMCI was able to offer solutions when they were approached. First, Precision set up a kitting situation. All components would go in one box so the person retro-fitting the bus could look and immediately see how many buses could be worked on. PMCI assured accuracy by weight counts and check list. Next, blankets were set up with the customer in order to manage raw material inventory resulting in quicker satisfactory turn times because PMCI had the raw material to produce at any time. Finally, to provide 100% quality PMCI set up a series of checks including Cirris electrical testing on each harness.


The result has been our customer growing 1000% in five years. PMCI understands that the road to success for us is assuring our customer’s needs are always met.

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