PMCI is a World Class Provider of Wire Harness & Cable Assemblies, Electro-Mechanical Assembly and Kitting Production.

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The Best Equipment

Precision knows that manufacturing high-quality parts is contingent on a committed investment in world-class equipment. Precision learned that lesson long ago and has been consistently expanding its line of available top-level equipment.

The Best Training

Buying world-class equipment is essential when the goal is to create the possible products for your customers. However, even the best equipment will not assist the manufacturing process if employees do not know how to use the machinery at hand safely, efficiently, and effectively. The best wire harnesses are the result of the best use of the best equipment. That is why first-rate training is an absolute necessity.

The Best Customer Service

Most companies will claim to offer great customer service. Precision Manufacturing owns a dedication to world-class customer service. PMCI associates are not just trained on the mechanics of the work. Every associate is also trained to recognize that their single goal is to exceed the customer’s expectations every single time.

Case Studies

Emergency Engineering

A customer who is one of the world’s largest providers of pumper motors for sprinkler systems in large high rises, airport hangers, and large buildings, faced an emergency issue due to an UL audit. Because of the nature of the system, the motors must receive many certifications including UL.

Quality Commitment

Ten years ago Precision Mfg. Co., Inc. came to a cross roads. For most of it corporate life PMCI had been a harness supplier to the automotive industry. That industry was going through major changes at the turn of the century. The automotive industry was now driven by the lowest…

Kit Solution

Precision Mfg. Co., Inc. was approached by a customer that had very unique and specific requirements that were not being met by their current manufacturer. This customer worked in the public transportation sector providing material to retro-fit public buses and trains.

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