Engineering of a UL Compliant Fire Safety Pumper Motor Wiring Harnesses and Control Boxes

Precision Mfg. Co., Inc. customer who is one of the world’s largest providers of pumper motors for sprinkler systems in large high rises, airport hangers, and large buildings, faced an emergency issue due to an UL audit. Because of the nature of the system, the motors must receive many certifications including UL. Our customer was going through many changes and improvements to their systems. Because of these changes they had not implemented some requested improvements from UL. Upon their next UL review the auditor informed them they would not receive any further extensions on implementing one of the changes, the adding of 3 breakers. They had 7 days and at that point whatever motors that were not completed for shipment could not proceed until the breaker change was made! Our customer anticipated this would be a 3 – 4 week shutdown to implement the change. They called us asking us to work overtime to provide as many boxes as possible in the next few days so they could process as many motors as possible before the 3 week changeover.
From the beginning we had built a relationship with our customer that provided complete understanding of the systems and their requirements. PMCI immediately sent our President to our customer’s home office to meet with their management and engineering staff to develop a plan of action. With that plan our techs redesigned wire lengths and began production of the new wire and our purchasing department began to source the breakers and their assembly all within the same day of receiving the plan of action. Realizing there was no one source with a large enough inventory of breakers and assemblies we began utilizing our vast network of contacts and suppliers. Within 24 hours PMCI was overnighting breakers into the PMCI facility. Four days after the original meeting detailing the problem, PMCI trucks were backing up to our customer’s facility with redesigned panels that met the new UL breaker requirements. Our customer incurred no overtime and had no shut down in the change-over. The UL audit was passed and the customer emergency was transformed from an emergency to an opportunity for PMCI to demonstrate why they are a world class supplier. To learn more about this project, see the table below or contact us directly.
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