Precision Wire Harness and Cable Assembly Services

Precision Mfg. Co., Inc. is a world class provider of wire harnesses in various industries. Precision has the most advanced equipment to cut wire to length, hot stamp, add weather seals, and terminate wires automatically at high rates of speed. The crimping machines have encoders measuring exact lengths of each wire and destroying any wires with incorrect lengths. Each termination press has crimp force monitoring assuring perfect crimps every time. PMCI can process wire ranging in size from 00 to 30 gauge with almost any type of covering (GXL, TEFLON, THHN, PTFE, and many more). Precision also handles a large variety of multi conductor cables, flat ribbon cables, phone cables RJ45 and 11, battery cables, and coax cables with a variety of insulations, shield configurations, and inner fillings. Precision Mfg. is an expert contract manufacturer of all types of harnesses bringing the latest in IPC/WHMA 620 best build practices and equipment. Precision can produce long harnesses with breakouts. PMCI can cut “windows” out of the PVC at designated distances and then ultra-sonic weld wire extensions in the windows.

PMCI offers a wide range of wire and cable marking. This marking includes hot stamped, heat shrink labels, wire wrap labels, printed wire ties, ink jet marking, and RFID tags. We will meet your demands and the demands of your customer in label identification.

Our multi-layer coax stripping equipment can work with semi-rigid and nonconformable coax, removing each layer with precision and zero scarring. We can then shape the coax to specific customer shapes using custom jigs.

Nothing ships without being fully tested. All crimping equipment has crimp force monitoring and all terminations meet rigorous pull force standards. We build our own test boards that test for continuity, correct pin placement, length confirmation, and resistance. We use Cirris electrical testers and have hi pot capability. We also have a wide range of other tests including microscopic inspection of terminations and welds.

Our facility is ISO 9001:2008 certified. In addition we hold many other certifications as well, and 100% of our operators are certified to IPC WHMA 620 Standards. All soldering is performed with operators certified in J Standard 001.

For more information about our precision wire harness and cable assembly capabilities, or our other products and services, please contact Precision Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Highlights of our Precision Wire Harness and Cable Assembly Capabilities:

General Wire Harness and Cable Assembly Capabilities
Contract Manufacturing
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Precision Wire Harness and Cable Assembly Services
Wire Harness Building
Control Box and Panel Assembly
High Speed Wire Processing
Automated Stripping and Crimping
Coax Cutting / Stripping
Semi-Rigid Coax
Wire Terminating
Wire Connecting
Sonic Welding
Through Hole Soldering
J-Standard (J-001) Soldering
Splicing / Bonding

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