Precision Mfg. Co., Inc. Commitment to being a World Class Domestic Harness Supplier


Ten years ago Precision Mfg. Co., Inc. came to a cross roads. For most of it corporate life PMCI had been a harness supplier to the automotive industry. That industry was going through major changes at the turn of the century. The automotive industry was now driven by the lowest cost supplier, regardless of other demands, primarily the Far East. Precision was not large enough to maintain a domestic presence and develop a facility in the Far East and the infrastructure that was needed. PMCI had to decide if they were going to remain an automotive wiring supplier, which meant closing the domestic manufacturing plant and going to the Far East; or move from the automotive industry it had become accustomed to and discover industries that valued a domestic supplier. The decision was made; PMCI was going to be the best domestic supplier it could be.


The first step in this move was saying goodbye to Precision’s largest automotive customer who was demanding a Far East supplier. This turned out to be a tremendously positive move for PMCI. While decreasing sales by 43%, it allowed PMCI to begin to focus on domestic customers who needed and required high expertise and attention to complex harnesses. Precision Manufacturing made a commitment to invest in the best training and best equipment for the job that was offered. Precision began a relationship with the top machinery customer in the world, Schleuniger. Making investments of over $500,000.00 in state of the art equipment, Precision now has the capability to provide world class production of the most complex harnesses with the precision that is required.

The second tier of commitment to be a world class domestic supplier was in training of its associates. PMCI has spent over $50,000.00 in training. This training has included developing 2 in house certified trainers in IPC 620. This has led to the commitment that every associate at PMCI will be certified in IPC 620 within 6 months of hire. Every associate involved in soldering will be certified in J STD 001 soldering. PMCI has chosen to use an outside world class trainer for this in order to get the very best in soldering techniques. Every associate receives a full complement of training in wire harness construction before being allowed to step onto our production floor.

The final leg of our commitment to be a world class domestic supplier is to customer service. Simply stated PMCI will do whatever is necessary to provide our customer with the service they desire and deserve. This includes regular facility visits, a team of professionals assigned to a particular customer in order that their specific nuances and demands are understood and are always implemented.


The best equipment, the best training, and world class customer service makes PMCI the domestic supplier of choice!

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