Solar Cable Assemblies

Photovoltaics (PV) require carefully engineered components – from cable assemblies to panels – along every facet of the solar energy collection and distribution process. Highly engineered, fully integrated cable assemblies must also be protected from a range of environmental risks, including damage by animals and exposure to the elements. Industrial cable assemblies for solar power require operation in hot, humid, and high UV environments, and are subjected to a wide range of conditions such as moisture, rust, and rodents. The effects of expansion, contraction, and other equipment degradation can impact solar cable assemblies and ultimately influence energy production efficiency.

Custom Cable Assemblies for Solar Power

cable assemblies

Cable assemblies are vital to managing the photovoltaic process, connecting solar panel arrays to local storage batteries and to the electrical grid. As the PV cells of a solar panel harness energy from the sun, the energy needs to be stored and distributed across various interconnected points. Solar cable assemblies are also designed to minimize electrical loss during transmission, optimize inverter loads, organize wire runs, and take advantage of every design efficiency possible in order to help the site operator achieve optimal ROI on their renewable energy project.

While custom solar cable assemblies are ubiquitous in home and commercial use, industries such as agriculture, industrial, marine, and others rely on their quality and durability. Many PV installations are located in areas that provide ideal climate, topography, and solar shading factors. When integrating custom cable assemblies for solar arrays, a number of design and installation factors should be considered.

The cable assembly and its components should fully comply with all applicable standards by UL, NEC, ANSI/NFPA, and other relevant bodies for distributed generation cable construction. Even the best quality custom cable assemblies need to be installed properly in order to ensure long-term reliability.

Proper cable management – particularly with galvanized or stainless steel metal components – offer comprehensive protection from the elements. Clean cable cuts, properly positioned connectors, and careful observance to a cable’s bend radii and position during installation are all important. Any unnecessary cable strain or lack of sealing from water and dust could also affect operation.

Why Use PMCI Solar Cable Assemblies for Harsh Environments

Precision Manufacturing Company, Inc. (PMCI) provides robust, high-quality solar cable assembly solutions for reliably connecting a comprehensive range of solar equipment. UL-certified and designed to optimize solar energy production, our industrial cable assemblies incorporate either PV wire or USE-2 wire for underground and above-ground solar arrays. Our custom cable assemblies are extremely flexible, resistant to extreme UV deterioration, and feature innovative, fully interchangeable connector options and crimp styles.

Built for long-term reliability with a minimization of downtime in mind, our solar cable assemblies are constructed according to the latest industry standards and operate in conditions ranging from 90° C to 120° C. We can create custom cable assemblies for virtually any application, rated from 600 V to 2000 V. Our work is performed in a clean and organized ISO 9001:2008 certified facility and all of our staff are IPC-WHMA-A-620 approved.

Innovative Solar Cable Assemblies Backed by Consultative Design Support

With our state-of-the-art, precision-oriented production equipment, we’re capable of supporting a variety of industrial cable assembly applications. We’re geared to handle virtually any production capacity, from prototyping to high volume runs. Using Lean manufacturing techniques, we always aim to optimize material waste and reduce costs for clients. All of our custom cable assemblies undergo a rigorous, in-house first-article inspection process to ensure the highest quality possible.

Our team at PMCI is trained to understand the needs of our clients and develop advanced solutions that are always on-time and within budget. We’re capable of offering complete, consultative support that helps customers develop a comprehensive solar cable installation plan that’s specifically tailored to their budget.

For more information on our custom solar cable assemblies, please contact us or request a quote.